Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Elder Gusty's words of good-bye!

this is an email that my bff Gusty sent out to all of the 17. I love thim!!


So I hope I don't make any of you feel disobedient by my emailing you before you are home.  I just want to make sure I have some final words to you people that you receive before you go!  (and yes, it's wednesday... we took pday today...)

I just wanted to say, with all the energy of my heart, TUSEN HJERTLIG TAKK for at dere reiste på misjon :D:D:D:D  I cannot explain the emotion behind those words, as I suck at explaining myself.  Just know I am grateful, and will forever remember each and every one of you!  

I assume your missions have blessed your lives, as well as those you have been around in these last 18 months, but you have seriously and honestly each left a 'handprint on my heart'.  Serving with you, getting to know all of  you, crying with a few of you, lol, and just saying 'I came with them!!!!' has been an absolute honor.  Yes, I have already cried about you people travelling home, haha, but it's because I think the absolute highest of you sisters :)  

I hope none of you see your weaknesses as what defines you. Honestly, I don't really see them, and I don't really think God focuses on them. We just focus on how freaking amazing you all are. Loving, fun, diligent, hard-working daughters of God who know their divine worth and what they have to offer to the world.  

I think you all are absolutely amazing, and as said earlier, I am honored to have served/come with you to serve the people of Norway :D :D :D :D  

Gud vær med dere til vi sees igjen :')

Eldste Gustafson

3 Nephi 5:13, Alma 26:16

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