Sunday, October 12, 2014


Me: I wish there was an app that would give me all the numbers around me.
Hall: That would be GREAT for rapists! 

Trydal: Elder Drage why is your bag so heavy? 
Elder Drage: Because I'm trying to work on my feminine side. I just put a lot of stuff in there. And its really heavy it doesn't even make sense and I can't even carry it. If you guys knew how to pack you wouldn't need men! 

Me: And he gets in there and is like grand auto theft.
All the Elders at once: Its GRAND THEFT AUTO!! 
Elder Drage: You're going to be like the worst mom ever! 

Gusty: Where are Ashton and Hall?
Drage: I don't know! I'm not my brothers keeper! 

Ashton: And they said he got a text on the plane which isn't even true!
Me: Nu-huh! My phone gets text messages on the plane.
Hall: But that was 1985. Did they even have text messages back then?
Ashton: And we look to you because...  

Ashton: That rhymes! That means its true! 

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